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Essential Writings

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Paperback Book
Oxford University Press
May, 2008
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'those who say that religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion means' Mahatma Gandhi was a profound and original thinker as well as one of the most influential figures in the history of the twentieth century. A religious and social reformer, he became a notable leader in the Indian nationalist movement, made famous for his advocacy of non-violent civil resistance. His many and varied writings are essentially responses to the specific challenges he faced, and they show his maturing ideas and political will, as well as his spirituality and humanity, over several decades. This new selection demonstrates how his thinking was truly radical, dealing with problems from the roots upwards: in the lives of individuals, of societies, and of political structures. It underlines the supreme importance of non-violence, and Gandhi's unique and unrealized vision of a new India after the departure of the British.This comprehensive selection of Gandhis writings, taken from his letters, articles and books, represents the complete cross-section of his thought from his early years as a young barrister in London to his final days as sage and counsel to newly independent India. The selection reveals not only the growth of Gandhis ideas but also their essential integrity and consistency. It also illustrates the many facets of his personality, his deep humanity and rich spirituality, the contemplative mystic and the man of action. 482 pp.

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