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Everything is Waiting for You

Paperback Book
Many Rivers Press
October, 2003
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…another way to hear


the clamor of the heavens.

Publishing his own volumes of poems from Many Rivers Press, David Whyte has done well in bringing the soul-clarifying power of poetry into mainstream culture. He travels much of the world, bringing his own and others’ poetry to large audiences—including the throne rooms of many corporations!

An open sandy shell

on the beach

empty but beautiful

like a memory

of a protected previous self.

The most difficult griefs

ones in which

we slowly open

to a larger sea, a grander

sweep that washes

all our elements apart.

Everything is Waiting for You is David’s fifth book of poetry, presented in sections of poems on Creation, Thresholds, Friends, Marriage, Chances, and Returns.

These poems are about cultivating a more intimate attention to the world, despite the losses and vulnerabilities involved with that intimacy. One way is to establish a robust vulnerability. We speak the truth of a situation in order to emancipate ourselves from it, in order to gain our freedom and once again reestablish an adult-adult relationship with creation…

Someone once described poetry as a good, healthy marital argument with the universe, an art that holds the relationship between ourselves and creation together by continuously remaking everything real and touchable.

 Also by David Whyte are The House of Belonging and Where Many Rivers Meet (poems); as well as The Heart Aroused: Poetry and the Preservation of the Soul in Corporate America and Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity (prose).



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