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Everything You Never Learned About Sex

Take Back Your Masculine Power & Use Your Sex Energy For Good
Paperback Book
Changemakers Books
October, 2020
$28.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Who did you talk to about sex when you were a kid? If youre a Millennial, chances are your answer is nobody. In this all-inclusive look into a mans world, author Michael McPherson shines a light on what it was like for the men of his generation to mature sexually, and why so many still havent. He explores whats currently in the way of men experiencing an empowered relationship with sex and what they can do to take back their power. Along the way, Michael brings to light some of the less understood nuances of sex including sex energy, sexual desire, and the purpose of sex. Captivating, rich, and heart-wrenchingly vulnerable, Everything You Never Learned About Sex is a revolutionary blueprint for men to deconstruct their inherited relationship to sex, step outside the cultural norm, say no to the further manipulation of their sex energy, and rebuild a relationship with sex on the basis of love instead of fear. Michael, through his self-reflective insights, on-the-court shares, and how-to embodiment practices, empowers his audience to reclaim their stolen innocence, restore their heart, honor sex as sacred, and use their sex energy to create more love in the world.

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