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The Evolved Masculine

Be the Man the World Needs & the One She Craves
Paperback Book
Archetypal Publishing
December, 2019
$26.50 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

The public spotlight on what not to do or be as a man has a new level of severity, but few role models are lighting the way forward. Drawing on his 20-year career as a sexuality and leadership coach for men, Destin Gerek brings the full tour de force of his extraordinary lived experience as the Erotic Rockstar and acclaimed professional expertise to create inspiring new models of possibility for men. Destin spearheads this new paradigm through the compelling (and at times explicit) personal stories and practical proven techniques in this book, which show men how to have greater confidence, more and better sex, and hotter, more satisfying relationships with women.

The book is broken into five parts:
In Part I: Self as Creator, readers will explore the perspectives and paradigm shifts that Gerek used to radically reinvent himself twice over so that they can use the same tools to do the same.
In Part II: Lessons of the Evolved Masculine, Gerek shares stories of his own journey of discovery with the intention of inspiring readers with possibility for their own life.
In Part III: Sexual Self-Mastery, readers will focus on reprogramming how they relate to their body, their sexuality, and their pleasure.
In Part IV: Understanding Women and the Feminine, readers will tackle the big questions about women: What does she really want? Why does she do the things she does? Readers will gain a better understanding of what is going on with women on a larger collective and cultural level, and learn how to better understand the particular woman in their lives.
And finally, in Part V: The Path Continues, where this path has led Gerek, and how readers can best integrate the teachings of this book to move forward into the rest of their lives as more whole men, now more firmly rooted in their own Evolved Masculine.

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