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Eyes Wide Open

Cultivating Discernment on the Spiritual Path
Paperback Book
Sounds True
October, 2009
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Banyen's Description: 

The spiritual path is like any road—it’s going to have its share of potholes and detours. Safe travel requires a quality rarely taught yet critically important in today’s world: discernment. In Eyes Wide Open, Mariana Caplan supports us in cultivating the acute judgment and discrimination that will help us to live a spiritual life with intelligence, clarity, and authenticity. Is enlightenment less about fireworks and bliss and more about dismantling illusions? How do we fully integrate our practice into daily living? What’s the best way to work with the ego and the shadow? Eyes Wide Open explores these questions and more, offering practitioners from any tradition—or those just getting started—a traveler’s guide through “the labyrinth of increasing subtlety” that defines a genuine spiritual life.

Building on the tracks she laid with her previous work Halfway Up the Mountain, Caplan challenges us to take full responsibility for our lives, as we investigate:

ª  What is spirituality anyway? Feeding the hungry heart in contemporary Western culture

ª  “Spiritually transmitted diseases”—the common traps of modern spirituality, and how to avoid them

ª  The universal theme of the Healing Crisis—and how discernment provides a “life raft” for such times

ª  Fully integrated spirituality—balancing body, psyche, and spirit.

We evolve spiritually by cultivating discernment that is powerful enough to pierce through confusion on every level of our experience, explains Caplan.

This book addresses many of the distinct challenges that we as spiritual seekers and practitioners in the Western world face during these interesting times, and it considers the subtle distinctions we must make to navigate the possibilities and potholes of the spiritual path more effectively.

Including material on teacher-student relationships and reflecting on what it means to grow up—both psychologically and spiritually—and move toward authentic spiritual maturity, Eyes Wide Open is “a daring, brilliant, groundbreaking look at spirituality in the modern world. With deft elegance, Caplan shows us that psychological development and spiritual awakening are inseparably one process.” —Reginald Ray, author of Touching Enlightenment

Publisher’s Description: 

The spiritual path is like any other roadits going to have its share of potholes. Perhaps the best way to avoid them is through discernment, the quality of open-eyed awareness and honest perception that helps us turn challenges into opportunity, lessons into growth. In Eyes Wide Open, Mariana Caplan invites readers to join her on a quest for truth along the often bumpy journey of the spiritual life.

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