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Paperback Book
Hay House, Inc.
August, 2005
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$14.95 CAD
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Shaped from the authors' experiences and concepts, Faeriecraft aims to make faeries accessible for everyone who seeks them. An inspiring step-by-step guide uses exercises and insights to creatively meld faerie faith and natural witchcraft.Faeriecraft is the creative melding of the Faerie faith and natural witchcraft. The Faerie world has traditionally remained a mysterious and elusive secret, but after many years of experience the authors believe the faeries will make themselves available to anyone who truly seeks them. This beautifully illustrated, practical guidebook includes meditations and journeying techniques; instructions for creating a garden or wild altar; methods of contacting the Faerie Kings and Queens; simple celebrations for a wedding, a baby-naming, or rite-of-passage, and more.

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