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Fate and Destiny

The Two Agreements of the Soul, Expanded Edition
Paperback Book
Mosaic Multicultural Foundation
June, 2012
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Banyen's Description: 

In Fate and Destiny, renowned mythologist and storyteller Michael Meade explores the complex and mysterious territories of the human soul with hard-won wisdom.  Weaving stories within stories, lacing pertinent psychology within cultural analysis, and mixing autobiography with myth, Michael opens the territory of fate and destiny to new interpretations and deeper meanings leading us to an undeniable truth: that the only story we came here to live is our own.  

Meade shows how the limitations of family and fate form the inner threads from which our individual destiny must emerge. He explains how our wounds can become doorways to our deepest gifts, and how our greatest efforts in the world are intended to lead us to a treasure divinely seeded within us before birth.

Fate and Destiny speaks directly to young people looking to find a genuine path in life and trying to awaken to the dream they carry inside. It offers penetrating insights for those caught in life’s inevitable struggles and shows how the wisdom of elders depends upon re-membering the spirit of eternal youth. As one story puts it, God has only one question to ask you at the end of life: did you become yourself?

Stories told and cogently interpreted include Origin of the Soul, The Two Hands of Creation, The Disciple’s Tale, Eisik’s Dream, The Servant and Death, The Old Thief, Zushya’s Last Word, The Beloved Cow, Maggots and Gold, Tigers and Goats, An Errand for God, and The Act of Truth.

Themes in Fate and Destiny: The Return of Wisdom - Facing Fate, Finding a Destiny - The Famous and The Infamous - Finding Your Life Dream - The Wise and the Crosswise -  The Importance of the Weird - Die Before You Die - Gifts and Wounds - Awakening the Inner Sage.

“Carefully re-teaching us words we think we know: genius, destiny, fate, soul, gift, fame and infamy—Michael Meade introduces us to our soul’s interior meanings and our unique life’s divinely imprinted designs. I love the threading of these teachings with stories from Meade’s own remarkable life. It is a relief to witness the glory of an awakened elder, here. There is brilliant medicine in this book.” —Alice Walker

Michael Meade has authored many CD sets, as well as the books The Water of Life and The World Behind the World. More info about his work:

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