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The Faults of Meat

Tibetan Buddhist Writings on Vegetarianism
Paperback Book
Wisdom Publications
October, 2019
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Vegetarianism is a hotly debated topic within Buddhist circles. This book provides a valuable new contribution to the discussion with translations of thirteen Tibetan texts focused on the ethical problems associated with eating meat, coming from a wide variety of perspectives and lineages.

Vegetarianism is an important topic of debate in Buddhist circles, with some arguing that Buddhists should avoid meat and others suggesting that it is acceptable. For the most part, however, this debate has been conducted in the West without reference to traditional literature on the subject.

As the thirteen texts within The Faults of Meat show, the question of vegetarianism was the subject of considerable debate in premodern Tibet, with a wide variety of arguments marshaled against meat (and a few in favor). Rather than a quixotic, modern concern, these texts reveal vegetarianism as a significant, ongoing issue for Tibetans from a variety of times, places, and religious affiliations. The authors recognize both the ethical difficulties that surround meat eating and also the practical and social challenges of maintaining a vegetarian diet.

Readers will find the perspectives in The Faults of Meat strikingly relevant to contemporary discussions of vegetarianism. By giving English readers access to these Tibetan debates, this book introduces new approaches and solutions to a contentious and important topic in modern Buddhism.

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