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Fearless Creating

A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting and Completing Your Work of Art
Paperback Book
October, 1995
$20.00 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

The blank page, empty canvas, or uncarved stone will often fill artists with dread. But so may the thought of finishing, showing or even selling their work. It is in this “artistic anxiety” that creative blocks begin.

With an understanding that could be gained only through years of experience in counseling artists, writers, and performers, Eric Maisel discusses each stage of creation—and the anxieties peculiar to each. He then shows how these inhibiting tensions can be turned to artistic advantages, how truth and beauty arrive in the work of art precisely because, and only when, an anxiety has been understood, embraced, and resolved.

Exercise: Cry and Move On—Make a mistake right now. Go ahead! Devote real time, say ten minutes, to creating something awful, something really miserable. (With such permission to fail, you’ll probably create a small masterpiece.) Spend ten minutes on something sandy and inert. Then destroy it, mourn it, cry, and move on. Make both experiences real, both the tears and the restarting.

This highly practical experiential workbook guides the reader, whether an experienced artist or someone just starting out, past the pitfalls that appear in each stage of the process. Rich with quotes and exercises related both to the work at hand and to the ongoing struggles of the artistic life, Fearless Creating is an empowering guide to doing just that. If bravely followed, it will be of great service to artists.

Eric Maisel’s earlier book, A Life in the Arts, has also been quite popular.




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