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A Field Guide to Clean Drinking Water

How to Find, Assess, Treat, and Store It
Paperback Book
The Experiment
May, 2019
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A potentially lifesaving guide on how to find and prepare safe drinking water in extreme situations, ranging from backpacking treks to natural disasters

Humans can only survive three days without water, and most of the worlds water is not safe for drinking. What happens when a persons water supply is unsafe? This frightening question is a real concern for backpackers who venture into territories with unstable water access. And for the many people who enjoy learning outdoor survival skillswhether seriously or for fununderstanding methods to filter or distill water, with minimal use of equipment, is of plenty interest, too.

Biologist, survival expert, and author Joe Vogels scientifically backed, practical, and easy-to-understand handbook offers lifesaving advice on how to find, assess, treat, and store safe drinking water in the most extreme places, ranging from hurricane-ravaged cities to remote deserts. Small enough for hikers to take with them on treks but broad enough to cover all relevant options for finding and purifying water, Vogels book is a vital manual for anyone hitting the trail, or otherwise unable to take clean water for granted.

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