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Finding Inner Courage

Spoken Word CD
Simon & Schuster
March, 2011
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Banyen's Description: 

The word courage comes from the Latin cor (core, heart), Nepo explains in this lovely, heartfelt meditation. If to find our way to the core is to face the lion, then to stand by our core is to be the lion, he says. Nepo, a poet, philosopher and teacher, believes there are two paths to manifesting courage: going within and knowing oneself, and turning outward, steadfastly facing life, allowing oneself to be vulnerable to experiences. The cost of not doing so is numbness, or living death, Nepo believes, and he sees courage as an ongoing series of choices.

It seems deeper forms of nakedness are required the closer we get to what matters. Yet only in such raw moments do I feel most truly myself.


We need to consider the art of softening habitual routines back into meaningful practices. We need to discern when the rigid ones just need to be broken so our heart can once again breathe. For if we can learn the mysterious art of navigating our patterns, those rivers will guide us to our core.

In a book filled with verbal images, stories and analogies, including the archetypal tale of Jacob wrestling with the angel, Nepo also relates his own experiences surviving cancer (18 years so far!) and overcoming certain fears. Finding Inner Courage is work from the heart that helps us find our own courage and experience how connection to our own core connects us to all of humankind, as well as to nature and spirit itself.

If you want to learn about healing, it helps to know of suffering. The strong live in the storm without worshipping the storm. This is what it means to stay in conversation with life.

He relates stories of ordinary people, political activists, artists, and spiritual teachers from all traditions—people who are summoning the best of who they are in all kinds of moments, great and small.

I invite you to inhale these stories, to let them fill your lungs and circle your heart, to let them empower you to stand more firmly by your core and a little taller in the world.


Also by Mark Nepo are The Book of Awakening and The Exquisite Risk—both highly recommended.

Publisher’s Description: 







Mark Nepo is a beloved teacher, poet, and storyteller, and the author of the bestseller The Book of Awakening. In his latest book he invites us to live from our inner core in ways small and large, every day. That is all we can do in life, and all we need for our lives to bear witness and contribute, to make the world a better place. To listen to the stories in this book is to find our own place of courage and peace.




Pained by war and aware of injustice in the world, we are in need of wisdom, hope, encouragement. Mark Nepo gives us all of that in this poetic, profoundly thoughtful rumination on how we might live.


Howard Zinn




Reading Finding Inner Courage made me stronger, clearer, and more honest with myself. This book is a cornucopia of inspirational stories and insighta wonderful achievement, an honest and brave book.


Robert Inchausti, author of Subversive Orthodoxy:


Outlaws, Revolutionaries and Other Christians in Disguise




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