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Finding Joe

Beyond Words
May, 2012
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Banyen's Description: 

Finding Joe explores famed mythologist Joseph Campbell's continuing impact on our culture. The film navigates the stages of what Campbell dubbed “the hero's journey”: the challenges, fears, dragons, battles and the hero’s inevitable return home as a changed person. Finding Joe shows how Campbell’s work is relevant and essential in today’s world and how it provides a narrative for how to live a fully realized life—or as Campbell would simply state, how to “follow your bliss.”

In the early 20th century while studying world mythology, Joseph Campbell discovered a pattern hidden in every story ever told. He called it “the hero's journey.”  The film takes us on an inspirational quest of self-discovery. As you slay dragons and uncover treasures, you just may find that the holy grail you seek is closer than you think.

Featuring: Deepak Chopra, Tony Hawk, Rashida Jones, Laird Hamilton, Robert Walter, Akiva Goldsman, Mick Fleetwood, Sir Ken Robinson, Brian Johnson, Robin Sharma, Alan Cohen, Gay Hendricks, Chungliang Al Huang

“The hero's journey is a circle of going out beyond your comfort range, taking on the challenge, and then returning as a changed person to share the story of what happened. And now, Finding Joe, a great DVD by Patrick Takaya Solomon, brings it all back in an updated incarnation of illustrious teachers sharing the secrets of Joe Campbell.” —New Renaissance

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