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The Five Archetypes

How the Elements Reveal Your True Nature and Can Transform Your Relationships
Paperback Book
Tiller Press
April, 2020
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Live a more balanced and fulfilled life and make the most of your relationships by understanding the five personality archetypes within us all.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophy, the elements Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water are the foundation of how nature grows and evolves. They are believed to help us understand everything from the seasons and farming to illness and healing and still inform most of Chinese Medicine practices today. But as Ayurvedic nutritionist, reiki master, and Tournesol founder Carey Davidson demonstrates in this book, each of the elements can also be seen as a personality archetype, and inside all of us is a unique blend of these five archetypes that serves a window into living an exceptional life.

In The Five Archetypes, Davidson explains that we can predict our life patternswith ourselves, our friends, our romantic partner, our children, and even our colleaguesby comprehending the personality traits associated with these archetypes. As a result, knowing these patterns gives us the power to prevent and avoid behaviors and situations that arent healthy and that dont align with our life goals.

Through observations with individuals, couples, groups, parents, kids, educators, colleagues, and her own family, Davidson has created a simplified and practical guide to harnessing these elemental personality traits. Complete with an assessment designed to help you discover your primary, secondary, and lowest archetypes, you can learn more about yourself and others and experience a truly harmonious and empathetic everyday life.

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