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Fountain Ceramic with Rotating Glass Sphere

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August, 2015
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$49.95 CAD
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Bring Nature Inside - Invite Tranquility Into Your Home

Great for indoors at work and home! Great as a gift!

If you're looking for a way to bring the soothing ambiance to the santuary of your home or office then a water fountain is the perfect choice. The sound of water has always been considered calming, like the babbling brook of the gentle lapping waves. Create instant harmony in your home or workplace with our decorative & natural humidifying water fountains.

Content & Specifications

  • Height 8"/21cm Diameter 11"/ 28cm
  • Pump with Led Light
  • Power: 12VAC 7.8 Watts
  • Matching Adapter: Input 110V/120V 60HZ Output: 12VAC 650mA

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