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The Future of God

A Practical Approach to Spirituality for Our Times
Spoken Word CD
Random House Audio Publishing Group
November, 2014
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Being a nuclear physicist dealing with basic quantum field theory I find my worldview agreeing with Deepak Chopra. The all-embracing holistic quantum field is a step forward from our classical reductionistic interpretation of a determined "reality". It suggests a dynamic, alive cosmos or "Wirklichkeit". Dr Chopra's work will be talked about for a long time to come. -- Hans Peter Duerr, Scientific Member and Director EmeritusMax Planck Institute for Physics and Astrophysics

As Deepak explains, Dawkins materialism is the delusion, not God. Eastern spiritualists, Western constructivists and quantum physicists agree the mind shapes, if not creates, the world. Materialism is a mirage of deeper level quantum reality, one which surfaces in living systems, guiding consciousness and evolution. The Watchmaker isnt blind. Dawkins is. -- Stuart Hameroff, M.D., Professor, Anesthesiology and Psychology Director, Center for Consciousness Studies The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona,

TheFuture of Godis a brilliant exposition for the need of consciousness-based reality. It is consistent with the worldview of quantum physics which showed the importance of the mind and is a fitting answer to the claims of militant atheists whose science is based on outdated views now known to not be true and which became obsolete almost a century ago." -- Menas C. Kafatos, Fletcher Jones Professor of Computational Physics at Chapman University, and co-author ofThe Non-local Universe: The New Physics and Matters of the Mind

Amagnificent and masterfully argued presentation of why randomness can never explain the great mystery of life on earth. This wonderfully accessible book is a must read for anyone who, much like Einstein and other pioneers of the new physics did, experiences a feeling of utter humility when contemplating the grandeur of the cosmos. -- P. Murali Doraiswamy, Professor of Psychiatry and Member, Duke Institute for Brain Sciences

Deepak Chopra has successfully blended ancient Vedanta Philosophy with his unique perspective on modern science to provide a vast audience with solutions that meet many needs for our modern age. He is among the influential scholars, authors, and thinkers who have found truth in the Perennial Philosophy and developed ways to help people apply that truth to their daily lives. -- Huston Smith, author of Why Religion Matters: The Faith of the Human Spirit in an Age of Disbelief

The most transformative discoveries begin with delusion, are challenged by insight, driven by faith, pursued with science, and culminate in truth. Deepak Chopra beautifully makes the case that thebiggest delusion is a universe without God or consciousness. -- Rudy Tanzi, co-author of The New York Times Bestseller Super Brain

At a time when the revolutions of the physical sciences are changing our understanding the human consciousness,The Future of Godis a book that needed to be written and no one could have written it better than Deepak Chopra. In this brilliant analysis, Chopra shows how God is evolving with our consciousness, and how both, the religious and atheistic fundamentalists are focused on an outdated God. This book is a treasure of deep insights which will not only touch your heart but will also lead you to understand how a God without illusions is a necessary condition for your physical well being. -- Lothar Schfer, distinguished professor of physical chemistry (emeritus)at the University of Arkansas and author of Infinite Potential

In The Future of God, Deepak Chopra crisply dissects the militant atheist's assertion that there is no meaning or purpose to life, and no need for faith in an accidental universe. He lays bare the belief vs. disbelief controversy and provides sound reasons why it is both possible and necessary to mature beyond the simplistic dogmas that have sustained a timeworn and increasingly futile debate.-- Dean Radin, Ph.D.,author of The Conscious Universe and Supernormal

TheFuture of Godis a much-needed book. Chopra convincingly exposes the limitations,arrogance and intellectual blindnessof the 'new atheists'. He recognizes that unbelief has a role to play, but he also shows how to go beyond the atheists' narrow dogmatism to a far richer experience and understanding of reality. -- Rupert Sheldrake, PhD, author of Science Set Free.

TheFuture of God is the freshest riposte yet in response to the chest-beating, triumphal, militant atheism that cant stop congratulating itself for imaginary victories over traditional religion.Dr. Chopra shows how this tiresome movement is based in bad philosophy, bad science and bad psychology, and how it is mired in abysmal confusion about what authentic spirituality is all about.He shows how militant atheism, through sleight-of-hand, merely substitutes one blind faith for another, managing to fool itself in the process. In TheFuture of God, Dr. Chopra describes an approach to God that is congruent with a modern worldview, while simultaneously honoring the innate human connection with the Divine. -- Larry Dossey, M.D., author of One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness, and Why It Matters

"The continuing struggle between two worldviews, one religious, the other scientific, has confused the Western mind enormously. In this book the visionary Deepak Chopra has taken on the task of a "guide for the perplexed" as only he can. TheFuture of Godis important for two reasons. First, and this is marvelous, Deepak has done a wonderful job of debunking the so-called "debunkers," people like Richard Dawkins who, it seems, cannot even distinguish between popular and esoteric aspects of religion. The latter is about spirituality, which has found new support from quantum physics and other recent breakthroughs in science. The second reason for the book's importance is that it really is a reliable guide to why and how you can seek God in even these confusing times." -- Amit Goswami, quantum physicist and author of The Self-aware Universe, The Quantum Doctor, and How Quantum Activism can Save Civilization.

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