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Gaia's Garden

A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture
Paperback Book
Chelsea Green
May, 2009
$41.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

This gardener’s reference is now revised and also updated to address urban and limited-space permaculture.

Imagine a garden filled with edible flowers, bursting with fruit and berries, carpeted with scented herbs and tangy salad greens, all blended in an eye-catching palette of colour and texture. The flowers also nurture endangered pollinators. Bright-feathered birds share the abundant berries and gather twigs for their nearby nests. Each plant plays a role in building soil, deterring pests, storing nutrients, and luring beneficial insects.

This is not a dream. This could be your own backyard. Gaia’s Garden describes a home-scale permaculture gardening system that combines the best features of wildlife habitat, edible landscapes, and conventional flower and vegetable gardens into a self-renewing landscape that lets nature do most of the work. Rather than mastering your garden with gas-spewing rototillers and chemical fertilizers, let Toby Hemenway show you how to create a backyard ecosystem that balances the needs of humans and nature.

He offers sections on gardener’s ecology; natural patterns in garden design; bringing the soil to life; catching, conserving and using water; microclimates and the many roles of plants and trees; bringing in the bugs/bees/birds and other helpful creatures; polyculture garden communities; growing a food forest; and much more. It’s clearly illustrated where pictures can better show us how it works.

Whatever size yard or garden you have to work with, you can apply basic permaculture principles to make it more diverse, more natural, more productive, and more beautiful. Best of all, once it’s established, an ecological garden will reduce or eliminate most of the backbreaking work that’s needed to maintain the typical lawn and garden. A great book.

Gaia’s Garden takes the native plants and organic gardening movement to the next level.” —
Joel Lerner, Washington Post


Publisher’s Description: 

This extensively revised and expanded edition broadens the reach and depth of the permaculture approach for urban and suburban gardeners. The text's message is that working with nature, not against it, results in more beautiful, abundant, and forgiving gardens.The first edition of Gaia's Garden, sparked the imagination of America's home gardeners, introducing permaculture's central message: Working with Nature, not against her, results in more beautiful, abundant, and forgiving gardens. This extensively revised and expanded second edition broadens the reach and depth of the permaculture approach for urban and suburban growers.

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