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Gene Keys

Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA
Paperback Book
May, 2013
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In Gene Keys Richard Rudd articulates the 64 themes or storylines that overshadow all of humanity. Echoing the I  Ching and astrology, this profound new system uses specific terms drawn from a wide variety of fields. “When contemplated over time, every term contains an empowerment designed to raise the frequency of our DNA.”

Richard Rudd has shone a light into the unconscious, illuminating the topics that preoccupy us, even when we’re unaware of their effects. What is so powerful about Rudd’s system is the fact that it brings to light the specific ways that the unconscious blocks our growth and happiness. For Rudd, the unconscious is like a piano with 64 keys. Each key runs a familiar melody. For example, the third key plays “chaos” as its theme. The seventh key plays “division” and the 22nd key plays “dishonor.” According to Rudd, each of these shadow themes also has a gift and a “siddhi” associated with it. The three components of the theme are like three movements in a sonata: largo, andante, and allegro. The shadow is slow and melancholy; the gift gets you up off your feet; and the siddhi is a bright dance.

Where the Gene Keys become really strange is in the fact that Rudd has discovered a deep connection between the system and astrology. Rudd has set-up a website ( that will provide you with your personal Gene Keys—the ones that are running the program of your life. All you need is your birth date, time, and place. Rudd calls it the “hologenetic profile” and it contains the themes that embody your life’s work, your purpose, your relationships, and your path to self-actualization.

The good news is that our DNA is not a life sentence. With the Gene Keys, by becoming aware of the shadows present in our own lives, we can unlock the gifts that lie hidden within us. If chaos is one of your life’s themes, then you have the potential to unlock innovation. If division is a theme, then you have the power to unlock leadership and virtue. Rudd writes, “Human beings are an instrument of life.” All we need to do is learn the melody and move our feet and the dance will begin.

 Suggesting that humanity is on the verge of a major shift in consciousness., Rudd shows how the gene keys are an inner language designed to transform our core beliefs about ourselves and raise us to a higher level of awareness.

As you journey into the Gene Keys, keep your inner ears open at all times and listen to your natural responses, gut feelings and thoughts. Anything that causes you discomfort is of primary importance and I recommend you give it your full attention. This is a deeply personal voyage you are on, and as you allow the higher frequencies to resonate inside you, through thinking about them, through feeling your way inside them and through practicing them, they will find their way into your waiting DNA…

Absorption occurs when the body opens up at a cellular level to receive the nutrients from the higher planes of reality. It requires deep emotional maturity and great mental clarity. In the state of absorption your aura swells as your DNA begins to suck light into the cells of your body. At this stage even your physical body is contemplating its highest nature and you begin to taste the Siddhis, the highest manifestations of your genius… you begin to embody the heart of the transmission that the Gene Keys have been pointing you towards.

Publisher’s Description: 
Is our destiny written inside our very DNA? Richard Rudd suggests that humanity is on the verge of a major shift in consciousness rooted in a new understanding of how our genes operate. He introduces this fantastic possibility, showing how the gene keys are an inner language designed to transform our core beliefs about ourselves and raise us to a higher level of awareness. The book works alongside state-of-the-art online profiling software that provides instantaneous free Hologenetic Profiles, based on astrological data and revealing the underlying genetic patterns governing relationships, finances, and health.

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