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Gesture Of Awareness

A Radical Approach to Time, Space, and Movement
Paperback Book
December, 2006
$16.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

From one of the most creative Dharma teachers at work today comes this unique work, which harkens back to the classical verse-form, but in a modern voice that speaks directly to the 21st-century reader and practitioner. Gesture of Awareness involves a fascinating philosophical exploration of time, space, and movement but at the same time is a manual for an embodied “practice of exploration.”

Each experience is perfect

in its actuality as there is nothing

real to compare with it…


The totality of our being can be realized

only when we’re totally with

the experience happening now.


It requires the absence

of movement toward anything

not happening now.

Genoud, who teaches Dzogchen with Lama Surya Das, is very well known to the leading lights of Buddhism today. He and his work are continuingly praised for their invention and importance. Well-versed in French and continental philosophies, as well as Eastern thought, he has produced a work that is not an account or explanation of spiritual practices but an expression of them.

Gesture of Awareness is simply a name, one I have given to a meditation of inquiry and mindfulness. It is based mainly on awareness through sensations of the body… It is an invitation to experience the body as a body of presence… Awareness, manifesting as hearing, seeing, thinking, tasting, and touching and smelling. But awareness can be veiled by thoughts, those many preconceptions that restrain our lives, that lead us to be taken in by the fiction of time and space, here and now.

Gesture of Awareness is a remarkable book. The elegant and incisive writing illuminates some of the deepest questions of the spiritual path: I and the other, oneness and duality, and what indeed lies beyond all concepts. These words are meant to awaken, not merely to inform, and they succeed admirably in their intention. The beautiful, haiku-like teachings stretch our minds and open many new levels of understanding. This is an unusual work and one worth many careful readings.” —Joseph Goldstein, author of One Dharma: Emerging Western Buddhism

Publisher’s Description: 

In succinct, poetic style, Charles Genoud offers a vision of human existence as it can be lived and embodied, once we take the risk to discard negative concepts and assumptions. Drawing on Buddhist texts, shamanism, and the wisdom of thinkers such as Maurice Blanchot and Georges Bataille, "Gesture of Awareness" weaves insights from these diverse traditions into a coherent, compelling whole. At the same time, this is a workbook that encourages readers to engage with the material in a way that can make a practical difference in their lives.

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