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Getting in the Gap

Making Conscious Contact with God through Meditation
Paperback Book
Hay House
September, 2014
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The practice of meditation that popular inspirational teacher Wayne Dyer takes us through in this book (with audio download) is designed to allow us to journey into the gap between our thoughts—where all the advantages of a more peaceful, healthy, and awake life are available—and make conscious contact there with the creative energy of life itself. And the good news is this can be done anytime, anywhere: “Such is the value of knowing how to slip into the gap at will with a few short internal mental images.”

As you begin reading this short book and listening to the audio that accompanies it and begin the practice of going into the gap, keep uppermost in your mind that you can enter this glorious gap between your thoughts at any moment you choose… The doorway into the gap is always unlocked and available to you. Once you master the techniques for entering the gap, you’ll find yourself seeking out the wondrous energies of this miraculous place frequently.

Dyer offers clear, concise counsel on why to meditate, what the gap is and why it’s worth learning to hang out in, and staying in the gap with Japa or repetition of certain words (in this case he uses the first ten words of the Lord’s Prayer as an example). He also responds to frequently asked questions regarding the gap and japa meditation and provides some testimonials from students who have been practicing this meditation. The end of the book provides a written transcript of the sessions on the accompanying audio download.

Among Wayne Dyer’s many books are Your Sacred Self and I Can See Clearly Now.

Publisher’s Description: 

"Why Meditate?" The practice of meditation takes us on a fabulous journey into the gap between our thoughts, where all the advantages of a more peaceful, stress-free, healthy, and fatigue-free life are available-but they're merely side benefits. The paramount reason for daily meditation is to get into the gap between our thoughts and make conscious contact with the creative energy of life itself. In this uplifting book, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer explains the soul-nourishing meditation technique for making conscious contact with God, which the ancient masters have told us about. You have all the potential to be an instrument of the highest good for all concerned and to be a literal miracle worker in your own life. No person, government entity, or religious group can legitimately claim to do this for you. "In fact," says Dr. Dyer, "I agree with Carl Jung, who said that one of the main functions of formalized religion is to protect people against a direct experience of God." (Dr. Dyer helps you have this direct experience by leading you through the meditation technique in the accompanying audio download.) When you master getting into the gap, stay there for prolonged segments of meditation, and experience what you bring back into the world, you'll truly know the answer to the question: "Why meditate?"

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