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Gift of Enlightenment Life Healing Game

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August, 2015
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At last, a game that doesn’t focus on violence, greed, or other forms of negativity. Annette and David Martin developed the Gift of Enlightenment Board Game to give you a game that is fun to play as well as life enhancing and positive. In doing so they gave you a new choice, an enriching game without violence. Parents who seek to encourage positive values in their children will find the game refreshing and insightful, as will adults looking for a break from the increasing levels of violence in our media. The Gift of Enlightenment Board Game is unique, a first of its kind, and its features open up new concepts for inquiring minds to explore. You don’t have to know Eastern mysticism or myths to enjoy the Gift of Enlightenment Board Game. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the many happy hours awaiting you as you play with family and friends. –

  • The Gift of Enlightenment is a life healing game for 2 to 6 players.
  • The games comes with: a game board, 7 special chakra stones with velvet holding bag, 6 aura cards, 3 packs of game cards, 42 chakra crystals (acrylic), 7 chakra color cards, 7 chakra challenges, wooden dice.
  • Also included are full instructions and an 82 page “Book of Enlightenment.”
  • The Gift of Enlightenment Board Game received the Highly Commended Finalist Award at the prestigious Gift of the Year 2005 Awards.


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