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Giovanni & The Camino Of St Francis

Paperback Book
Beyond Words Pub Co {BEYWO}
March, 2019
$21.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Anna, an Italian immigrant living in Portland, OR, was shunned from her hometown of Assisi at age 16. She vowed she would never return to the family who cast her away, but one day while browsing a bookstore, a guide to the Camino of St. Francis falls from a shelf and knocks her on the head. Reluctantly, she answers the call to return to Italy and walks in the steps of the humble Saint in an attempt to reconcile the wounds of her past. Arriving in La Verna, Anna s heart is hard and her defenses are high. It is then that she meets a young stranger named Giovanni, who seems to show up during her moments of greatest need (including a tumble down a steep hill into a ravine).

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