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God In All Worlds

An Anthology of Contemporary Spiritual Writing
Paperback Book
October, 1996
$29.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Spanning fifty years and representing virtually every religious tradition—including Taoism, Gaia worship, and New Age beliefs—this bountiful anthology contains writings from humans of many backgrounds: Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, Islamic, Agnostic, and more. It’s the first guide of its kind to weave together late 20th century spiritual writing as a guide not only to the personal soul journey, but to the spiritual evolution of our times as well.

Lucinda Vardey is a Toronto literary agent, teacher of Kripalu yoga, and spiritual counselor. She has aptly arranged this grand vision of a book into sections, including: The Quest, Revelation, Trials, Surrender, Death and the Eternal Life, and Awe. Among the luminaries whose writings are included here are Frankl, Maslow, Einstein, Laing, Havel, Schuon, Merton, Alan Watts, Krishnamurti, Grof, Aurobindo, Huxley, Buber, Kornfield, Capra, Jung, Matthew Fox, Steven Levine, Mother Teresa, Sogyal Rinpoche, Allen Ginsberg, Joseph Campbell, Yogananda, Marion Woodman and David Whyte.

There are many stories, anecdotes, prayers, and depth excursions of various kinds here, all beaded together in a necklace of spiritual vision. “A carefully crafted guide... Vardey’s anthology is a deeply personal work of weight and breadth... Likely to become a solid companion to many.” —The Globe and Mail

I trust that as you absorb the diversity and richness of the writings in this collection, this book will serve as teacher and a guide, be helpful as a meditation, bring solace and comfort, inspiration and consolation, insight and knowledge, and perceptible hope. It is not my intention for this anthology to be authoritative on the subject of contemporary spirituality but rather that it contribute to the understanding of the revelation of the spirit in our time. As the famous Swiss psychologist Carl Jung has written, the living spirit is eternally renewed and “pursues its goal in manifold and inconceivable ways throughout the history of mankind. Measured against it, the names and forms which men have given it mean very little; they are only the changing leaves and blossoms on the stem of the eternal tree.”


Publisher’s Description: 

Spanning fifty years and representing traditions from Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism to Gaia worship and New Age beliefs, this bountiful anthology forms an inclusive map of the spiritual journey and its landmarks. Its twenty-two chapters describe prayer and meditation, the power of myth, the Mother goddess and the Cosmic Christ, the struggle with evil, the gifts of love and grace, and the awe-filled encounter with a divine Other that is intensely personal yet has the capacity to transform the world. God in All Worlds includes the work of some of the great religious thinkers of our century--Krishnamurti, Paul Tillich, Martin Buber, the Dalai Lama, and Mother Teresa. But among its more than one-hundred contributors are also poets (Allen Ginsberg, Maya Angelou), novelists (Flannery O'Connor), activists (Mahatma Gandhi, Vaclav Havel), psychologists (Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow), feminists (Germaine Greer, Robin Morgan), naturalists (Barry Lopez), and physicists (Albert Einstein, Fritjof Capra). The result is a book of dazzling breadth and insight that will inspire, console, enlighten, and renew readers for years to come.

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