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God Is Not Dead

What Quantum Physics Tells Us about Our Origins and How We Should Live
Paperback Book
Hampton Roads Publishing
April, 2012
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God Is Not Dead is a fascinating guided tour of quantum physics, consciousness, and their relationship to the existence and experience of God.
University of
physics professor Amit Goswami shows readers that God’s existence can be found in clues that the science of quantum physics reveals.

Goswami helps readers to break free of a materialistic view of reality, as defined by Newtonian physics, to the fascinating quantum experience of God. In fact, God Is Not Dead argues for a “quantum activism,” leading a balanced life that incorporates both the quantum and material worlds—and an experience of consciousness.

My final message is what I call quantum activism: combining the usual activism of changing the world with ongoing efforts to align oneself with the evolutionary movement of the whole. If the latter step requires our creativity and quantum leaps in our processing of meaning and values while engaged in the affairs of the world, so be it. At the least this will bring new meaning and value to our lives; at best, it will usher in a new age of enlightenment.

This book will challenge readers to change how they think—and experience—the nature of reality, the existence of souls, the power of dreams, the universality of love, the possibility of ESP, and the very mind of God.

“Amit Goswami as usual has the most brilliant insights into how consciousness becomes biology.” —Deepak Chopra, author of Quantum Healing

Amit Goswami became best known as one of the interviewed scientists featured in the 2004 film What the Bleep Do We Know?! He is also the author of Creative Evolution and Physics of the Soul.

Publisher’s Description: 

Move over, Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens--a highly regarded nuclear physicist enters the debate about the existence of God--and comes down on the side of the angels. Goswami's hypothesis is that quantum physics holds the key to all the unsolved mysteries of biology--the nature and origin of life, fossil gaps of evolution, why evolution proceeds from simple to complex, and why biological beings have feeling and consciousness.

In God is Not Dead, Goswami moves beyond theory and shows how a God-based science puts ethics and values where it belongs: at the center of our lives and societies. He provides a scientific model that steers between scientific materialism and religious fundamentalism; a model that has implications for how we live both individually and collectively.

God is Not Dead is a fascinating tour of quantum physics, consciousness, and the existence and experience of God.

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