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A Complete Study of the Supreme Mystics and Their Hallmarks
Paperback Book
Ruhani Santsang Books {RUHAN}
December, 1988
$10.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

There is always at least one authorized spiritual Guide on earth at any time. What are the characteristics which will enable the careful seeker to distinguish Him from those who are not competent? A complete study of the Supreme Mystics and Their hallmarks.

From the preface:

" For twenty-four short, beautiful, inspiring years, it was my blessing to be under the love, guidance, and protection of a Godman, Supreme Master Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. Introducing the zealous seeker after Truth to a Godman is answering the perennial queries:

What is God? How can His creation know Him?

It is my privilege to relate the mission of a Godman: Commissioned from above to give free to suffering humanity the gift of Naam (Shabd) the effulgent melody -- symphonic radiance which leads the jiva (embodied soul) back to his Father's Home."

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