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Gods of Love and Ecstasy

The Traditions of Shiva and Dionysus
Paperback Book
Inner Traditions
December, 1990
$19.95 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Shiva and Dionysus are the Hindu and Greek gods of magical power, intoxication, ecstatic sexuality, and transcendence. For centuries their initiatic rites have led men and women into communion with the creative forces of life. In this often dry & mechanical culture, when we reestablish our links with the archetypal energies of Shiva and Dionysus, we realize that there is no creature, no object, nothing that has been created to which we are not intimately connected.

Revealing the earliest sources of the Shaivaite and Dionysian traditions, Alain Daniélou reconstructs the fabric of our ancient relationship with creation, vividly relating practices that were observed from the Indus valley to the coasts of Portugal more than six thousand years ago. He shows us signs that Shiva and Dionysus are returning today, breaking down the barriers between people, pushing aside the conventions of society, and asking us to participate in the joy of creation.

Publisher’s Description: 

Danielou examines the earliest traditions of the Hindu and Greek gods of magical power, ecstatic sexuality, and transcendence.

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