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Godsfield Companion

Chakras: The Guide to Principles, Practices and More
Paperback Book
Octopus Books
September, 2021
$21.99 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

The definitive guide to Chakras in this indispensible new Mind, Body, Spirit series from the creators of the bestselling Godsfield Bibles

The Godsfield Companions are all-new guides to conscious living that will set a new standard in wellness publishing. Fresh, contemporary and authoritative, each book - written by a specialist in their field - provides the growing wellness audience with essential background, revealing insights, valuable context and useful instruction to enable them to understand and expand their personal practice every day.
This companion is the definitive guide to the chakras: their associated features and how strengthening and healing each chakra can lead to improved health, energy and wellbeing.
Sections include:
  • Introduction - What are chakras and what is chakra healing?
  • The energetic body - How to protect your aura and awakening the kundalini
  • The chakras - A detailed guide to all 7 chakras
  • Energy healing - Explore the different types of energy healing including reiki and color therapy
  • How to balance your chakras at home

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