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Golf in the Kingdom

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May, 2012
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The game was invented a billion years ago. Don’t you remember?

Essential reading for golfers and anyone interested in the spirit of the game (of life), Golf in the Kingdom was Esalen cofounder Michael Murphy’s first book.

Clint Eastwood, Gus Van Sant and others tried for decades to make a movie out of Michael Murphy’s 1972 novel Golf in the Kingdom. It took two women, one of whom couldn’t tell a putter from a pitchfork when she signed on to write and direct the independent film, to bring Murphy’s cult classic to the big screen. Now Golf in the Kingdom is a film—and it’s a beauty.

In the course of a day in the 1950s, Michael Murphy (Mason Gamble), a young American en route to an ashram in India, visits the best golf course in the world, Burningbush, in Scotland; plays golf with an extraordinary teacher, Shivas Irons (David O’Hara); and has a whisky-infused dinner with a group of golf aficionados (Malcolm McDowell, Frances Farmer and Julian Sands). Based on Michael Murphy’s classic novel, Susan Streitfeld’s film is a remarkable achievement, a collage that swings back and forth between action, memory and insight with the gracefulness of a well-played round. She creates a nimble, poetic visual language—beautifully complemented by Evelyn Glennie’s percussive score—that offers an inroad into the interior life of her characters. It’s a transformative experience that does great justice to Murphy’s groundbreaking exploration of life, love, mysticism... and the practice of golf.

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