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Good Life Good Death

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Paperback Book
October, 2002
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Here one of the last reincarnated lamas alive who was fully educated in Tibet—trained by the same teachers who taught the Dalai Lama—spills the beans on what everyone wants to know: Do I survive death? Where do I go? What do I become? Gelek Rinpoche shares his own experience and many techniques tested over the course of two and a half millennia. He writes about the physical reality of dying; the mental reality; when death actually occurs (it’s not when the heart and brain stop); where we go after death; and how we can know ahead of time where we’re going. He demonstrates how Einstein’s theories can help us understand Buddhist mechanics of living and dying. For the first time in English, he also shares stories from great masters who have returned from death—not after a few minutes as in near-death experiences, but after days and even weeks.

Why should you listen to me about reincarnation? No reason, really. I speak from personal experience, from sixty years of personal experience and study. I’m not inventing anything new. What I have to say is based on the experience of the Buddha, which dates back 2500 years and was passed down in an unbroken line to my masters. I learned from the tried, tested, reliable, and authentic words of their masters before them.

What I have learned might help you ease your pain, relax your anxieties, reduce your anger, reduce your attachment, and build a little wisdom. It is nothing that you don’t already know. I say it to remind you and to remind myself that within each of us we have every solution to our problems.

“A must read for those who have ever feared death for themselves or for those they love.” —Rachel Naomi Remen, author of Kitchen Table Wisdom

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Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? How do we get there? Gelek Rimpoche, one of the last reincarnated lamas to be educated in Tibet, examines these universal questions with a combination of ancient tradition and contemporary thought-revealing
an empowering connection between what we believe and how we live our lives. He offers a bigger picture of life after life, with meditations for facing the dying process, overcoming negative emotions and cultivating compassion.One of the last reincarnated lamas to be trained in Tibet gives us hard-won wisdom about life, death, and what comes after. Gehlek Rimpoche is one of the wisest, most cheerful people I know. He is a beautiful and gracious spirit who carries the great wisdom of Tibet. We are fortunate to have him teaching in the West. - Jack Kornfield, author of After the Ecstasy, the Laundry. This book is a must read for those who have ever feared death for themselves or for those they love. - Rachel Naomi Remen, author of My Grandfather’s Blessings.

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