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Good Night Sleep Kit

Paperback Book
Hay House, Inc.
April, 2005
$29.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

The Good Night Sleep Kit by Dr. Deepak Chopra is the essential toolbox for those battling insomnia, yearning for more restful sleep or wanting to maximize energy during waking hours. Based on Dr. Chopra's intensive background in Eastern and Western thought, medicine, lifestyle and spirituality, the kit provides helpful tools for drawing greater energy from the body during its most prolonged restful period: sleep. It contains practical tips printed on stylized cards, an accompanying booklet, sleep-inducing aromatherapy oils, a meditation CD and a dream journal.This essential tool is for those battling insomnia, who yearn for more restful sleep, or who simply wish to maximize their energy during waking hours. It includes 41 stylized cards, a booklet, a simple body test to personalize the kit, aromatherapy oils, a candle, a CD and a journal.

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