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Once Upon a Cartographic Adventure
Hardcover Book
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April, 2021
$30.00 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

In 2015 Naomi Steinberg completed a 362 day adventure, covering 55,965 kilometres around the world by road and rail, land and sea, performing a playful and profound one-woman show that questions the very nature of modern connection. Crossing 18 borders to perform 37 productions everywhere from Japan to Russia to Belgium to the middle of the ocean, upon the decks of a cargo ship, Naomi explores what it means to tell a truly universal story.

A candid and compassionate travelogue and memoir, Goosefeather shares the ups and downs of an extraordinary year of global travel. It is an uplifting look at how stories can resonate across even the most enormous distances--thus bringing us all closer together.

I have tried to bring my strength as an oral storyteller from the stage to the page, so that this book might serve as an antidote to the propagation of fear and the dangers of isolation. Perhaps the readers of Goosefeather will feel included in a process of emergence and discovery. Lightness and delight can be found in the journey through life; in the encounters between all creatures, humanity, and the planet.

“Goosefeather is a vibrant landscape of story, latitude and longitude intertwined with the quirky personalities and serendipitous encounters that present themselves when we open to adventure.” Mark Winston, author of Bee Time: Lessons From the Hive

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