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From the Ground Up

Experience the Freed
September, 2005
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Scaravelli Yoga was discovered by Vanda Scaravelli and is designed to work with the natural movement of one’s body in relation to gravity.

Scaravelli Yoga Teacher, Darlene Bink, has created an energizing Yoga sequence that offers a well-rounded practice at the beginner level. If you have practiced Yoga for years, but have never tried this style, this DVD is a great place to start!

Throughout this DVD, Darlene offers explanation of the three principles used in this method - the ground, the breath, and the spine. In this particular sequence you will find standing poses, balance poses, strengthening poses, seated poses, and much more.

When practicing this DVD, please let go of your ambition, release your weight into the ground, and allow your spine to grow! Become aware of your body’s movement and your effortless breath. Give yourself infinite time and wonderful things can happen.

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