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Grow Organic Salad Leaves and Greens

Indoors or outdoors, all year round
Paperback Book
UIT Cambridge Ltd.
February, 2022
$21.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Known as the guru of no-dig, Charles Dowding has updated his definitive book on salad-growing in this beautifully illustrated paperback edition: how to have tasty salad leaves all year round in a garden, balcony or windowsill; how to grow micro leaves and how to serve them in delicious recipes, all using organic or permaculture principles. Great for food lovers keen to eat tasty food with a low carbon footprint.

This compendium of practical methods for growing a wide variety of salads throughout the year, will inspire you to grow your own, whether on a windowsill, in your garden or on the community garden allotment.

Here is all the information you need for productive, healthy and tasty salads. Learn the subtleties of salad seasons and virtues of different leaves throughout the year. And when your table is groaning with the abundance of your harvests, there are delicious and imaginative recipes, exploiting the fantastic flavours, colour and vitality of home grown salad leaves.

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