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Guerilla Art Kit

Everything You Need to Put Your Message out into the World
Paperback Book
Princeton Architectural Press
August, 2007
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Publisher’s Description: 

A positive and fun way to counteract the powerlessness that the current political climate has brought to young people, The Guerilla Art Kit is geared toward creative 20-somethings. Readers are encouraged to share their messages with the world, demonstrating that they can directly affect their environment on a regular basis by leaving art and ideas in public places such as their street, their front yard or their office.

The activities are simple, fun and have a positive result. Created with an innovative small notebook-style design with spiral binding, the book has a homemade, eclectic look, implementing found paper and simple line drawings. Quick exercises include leaving a book for a stranger to find or chalking a message on the sidewalk. There are also more involved projects such as making a wish tree, guerrilla gardening or designing your own stencils. Whatever the choice, The Guerilla Art Kit is all about leaving a mark on the world in a fun and creative way.By leaving art and ideas in public places for strangers to find, you can change a mood or a mind, maybe even the world! The author of Living Out Loud uses her unique drawing and handwriting style to help us all find and release our inner artist or activist. Full of step-by-step exercises, cutout projects, sticker ideas and more, this visually exciting activity book has both fun assignments and handy tips to help unleash creative energy where it can really make an impact. 144 pp.

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