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Gwen the Rescue Hen

Paperback Book
Stone Pier Press
August, 2021
$16.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

Winner of a prestigious Northern Lights Book Award, Gwen the Rescue Hen is the heart-warming story about a sharp-witted chicken that inspires compassion for animals.

Gwen has spent her whole life in a big egg-laying hen house, so she knows very little about what chickens can do (besides lay eggs, of course). A fateful tornado turns her world upside-down and sideways, landing her in a strange new place that's nothing like the hen house.

Using her wits and chicken superpowers, Gwen dodges danger at every turn until she finds safety and friendship with a boy named Mateo. Together they discover how extraordinary an ordinary chicken really is.

The book includes a bonus section called More About Chickens, where curious readers can learn that chickens have extraordinary eyesight, a complex language of 24 sounds, and are descended from dinosaurs, among other fun facts about chickens. Ages: 4 to 7


  • 2020 Winner of the Northern Lights Book Award Honoring Childrens Literature of Exceptional Merit
  • Gwen is displayed in the California governors mansion in Sacramento, CA, and part of the State Librarys permanent collection.
  • Teach Heart, which designs Humane Education curriculums for teachers, has named Gwen to its recommended book list.
  • Named to seven best books for kids lists
  • Part of a Texas school districts curriculum on where our food comes from

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