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The Hand of Poetry

Five Mystic Poets of Persia
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Paperback Book
Omega Publications
February, 2012
$23.95 CAD
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The Hand of Poetry offers entrance into the world of beauty and truth. Five lectures on Persian poetry given by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan in the United States in 1923 and 1926 are followed by fresh translations by the poet Coleman Barks of some of the poetry Inayat Khan discusses, including pieces from Sanai, Attar, Rumi, Saadi and Hafiz. Coleman Barks is a renowned poet and the bestselling author of The Essential Rumi.

Words flirt. They tease and imitate and come close, but they are not the experience they point to. Silence, friendship, and perhaps music, live nearer the reality.

Rumi again:
Listen to the presence inside poems.
Let them take you where they will.

Translation, when and if it ever happens, tries to get out of the way and let a taste of these great presences through. They’re called True Human Beings in the Sufi tradition. They have been, and are, here with us. This work hopes to be part of that community.

Let the beauty we love be what we do. —Rumi  —Coleman Barks

Here’s part of a verse by Hafiz:

I walk the open street like a breeze
in which the basil and the rose
rise and fall in prayer.
I’m trying to entice the arrow, your glance,
the threshold-kiss of majesty, to land here.

“It is always wonderful to taste the fruit of these masters, and both Inayat Khan and Coleman Barks make their wisdom and delights more accessible to us.” —Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee

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