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Handwriting Analysis

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Paperback Book
July, 2000
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Here is a fresh new approach to Handwriting Analysis to help you develop a view of the whole person, not just a piecemeal understanding. It offers exciting features not found in conventional books on Graphology:

* An unusually large number of actual size handwriting samples, many of famous people.

* Explanatory material with the samples not in another part of the book.

* New material about determining emotional disturbance and mental illness.

* New ideas on analyzing strokes and shapes.

* New material on understanding the meaning of the writing rhythm.

* Handwriting of children and adolescents.

This book will tell you--in clear, precise terms--exactly how to analyze and interpret the handwriting of those you deal with every day: teachers, bosses, children, employees, spouses, parents, lovers, friends ... and your own handwriting as well.

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