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25 Ways to Live Joyfully through Art
Paperback Book
Random House
June, 2017
$35.99 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

For over two thousand years, philosophers have searched for it, scientists have studied it—and great artists have captured it in paint. Drawing upon his ground-breaking work in the psychology of happiness and mindfulness, Christophe André shares 25 paintings by a wide range of masters, including Van Gogh, Vermeer and Chagall, and invites us to consider how they capture the many colours of happiness in their art, alongside its inseparable shadow, sadness.

This beautiful book explains how to look at a painting and let the picture speak and live within us. In this way, each painting in this book holds a life-changing lesson, helping us to feel, meditate and reflect—and discover the meaning of happiness for ourselves.

What’s happening? Are you being born, or dying? What will happen now?

None of this matters. In reality, all that matters is that this moment is a moment of happiness. Just a little happiness, in the great wind of the world.

What does happiness look like? How can we recognize joy in our lives? French psychiatrist and mindfulness teacher André, also author of Mindfulness: 25 Ways to Live in the Moment through Art, writes in his preface, “Happiness as a Work of Art:”

 “Painting is a ceremony in solitude,” wrote the philosopher Alain… I would like to help readers explore the benefits of looking at a painting, breathing gently, saying nothing and letting the picture speak and live within us—making space for it within us.

In this book the faces, forms and flow of happiness are embodied in 25 masterpieces. These paintings encourage us to feel, meditate and reflect. They also offer twenty-five ‘lessons’ to help us develop our capacity for happiness

For happiness is a living emotion, which is born, grows, blossoms, fades and vanishes. It goes in cycles, just as night follows day. This natural rhythm will be our guiding thread through the masterpieces in this book, which depict mornings, middays, dusks and nights of happiness—and also, of course, its endless rebirth.

Publisher’s Description: 

From the bestselling author of Mindfulness: 25 Ways to Live in the Moment through Art, comes a new, beautifully illustrated guide to happiness. Drawing upon paintings as a means of inspiration and solace, André teaches us what it means to be happy and how to recognise joy in our lives.

From the birth of happiness in youth, to the return of happiness after a period of pain and solitude, André takes us on a journey to uncover the pathway to leading a happy and fulfilled life.

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