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Happiness From The Inside Out

The Art and Science Of Fulfillment
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Paperback Book
New World Library
April, 2009
$18.00 CAD
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Many think that happiness, like success, comes from getting what they want. But new evidence from positive psychology suggests that happiness is something else, or at least something more. Presenting surprisingly practical wisdom in a playful and entertaining format, Rob Mack delivers a simple-to-follow instruction manual, based in both science and personal experience, for living a happier, healthier, and wealthier life, starting today.
Mack describes eight tried-and-true principles for realizing unconditional happiness and achieving the unparalleled success that comes with it. With a little effort, anyone -- regardless of current circumstances -- can discover new levels of joy and contentment on the inside and live a wonderfully prosperous and abundant life on the outside.Psychologists define happiness as one of two things: getting what you want, or wanting what you get. But a new science has developed around happiness - "positive psychology," a discipline being taught at Ivy League universities. Robert Mack distills both into a practical, entertaining book that gives readers a road map to happiness that starts with their own habits and beliefs. Using examples from his own compelling life story, he describes the three main aspects of a happy life and then reveals the habits that make people happy. These simple "happy habits" have been successfully used by Mack's clients, from business professionals to celebrities to everyday citizens. Going far beyond the simplistic approach of books like The Secret, Mack offers a variety of paths to happiness and explains how, with a few simple principles and a little effort, anyone can find joy and contentment while living a fulfilling, abundant life.

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