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Harmonic Visions

Healing Sounds
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A New Experience in Light & Sound featuring music from Healing Sounds pioneer Jonathan Goldman and visuals from Sacred Geometry master Jonathan Quintin.

HARMONIC VISIONS offers a new way to relax and harmonize yourself using light and sound.

This DVD contains nearly an hour’s worth of extraordinary Sacred Geometric visuals created by visionary artist Jonathan Quentin accompanied by the award winning Healing Sounds of Jonathan Goldman.

The sonics include 10 excerpts from award winning recordings including: “Chakra Chants”, “The Lost Chord”, “Holy Harmony”, “Ultimate Om”, “The Divine Name”, and “2012: Ascension Harmonics”!

A multi-dimensional experience with Light & Sound!

* The combination of sounds & images immediately affects your body, brain & etheric fields.

* An Open Eyed Meditation that relaxes, retunes and rejuvenates

* Brings harmony & balance, enhances health & consciousness .

“The combination of Light & Sound that are produced on HARMONIC VISIONS creates an experience that is both entertaining and enlightening-what could be call enlightainment! The stunning sacred geometric visuals combined with the frequency shifting sonics allows viewer/listeners to bathe in fields of vibratory activation for evolutionary development that are only now manifesting on this planet.” — Jonathan Goldman

HARMONIC VISIONS is perfect for meditation, evolutionary activation & the ascension process.

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