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Healing Affirmations & Harp

Spoken Word CD
Synergistic Systems {SYSYS}
September, 2006
$26.50 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

This 67-minute CD, created by popular demand, is a full-length compilation of the affirmations on Nancy’s other Relax Into Healing titles. This program is designed to soothe, inspire, and facilitate healing on all levels of your being. Donna Mast’s gentle harp sounds once again provide the perfect background for these beautifully written and delivered affirmations. This CD creates a soothing, healing ambience in home, rehab, or other clinical settings, and is popular for use before, during and after surgery, chemo and radiation treatments, or in any situation in which physical and/or emotional healing is needed. Nancy’s nearly whispered words of encouragement have been likened to a gentle, loving touch, letting you know everything’s going to be okay. A heartfelt program of powerful healing tools, (w/ 16 pg. booklet.)

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