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Healing Breath

A Guided Meditation through Nature for Kids
Hardcover Book
New World Library
November, 2021
$24.50 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

A lovingly illustrated guided meditation to calm and soothe kids while also inspiring and empowering them to act on behalf of the natural world

As all parents knows, kids are not immune to the turbulent times we live in. In fact, their antennae seem especially attuned to every hiccup in the home and world. And, as teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg has shown, our kids are aware of and anxious about the fate of life on the planet. Thankfully, adults who care have a potent tool to calm, soothe, and encourage young people: meditation. Author William Meyers has long used the practice to deal with overwhelming feelings, improve focus, and be brave. Countless schools have found the same results as theyve incorporated simple daily meditations into their curricula.

Illustrator Brittany R. Jacobs beautifully lures kids away from screens and onto pages that illuminate Meyerss text with color and fascination. As the text guides readers to breathe into the experience of waves on the ocean, trees in a forest, and the warmth of a desert, gorgeous illustrations evoke, lull, and inspire. This meditation-in-a-book is ideal for parents, teachers, therapists, and anyone else who wants to help young people simultaneously calm down and rise up to the world in all its wonders and challenges.

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