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The Healing Of Individuals, Families And Nations

Trans-Generational Healing and Family Constellations
Paperback Book
September, 2005
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Distilling the concepts of Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellation Method into one comprehensive volume, The Healing of Individuals, Families and Nations’s perspective on healing will expand the reader’s vision, beyond the scope of healing as a purely individual and personal matter, to one that spans generations in its scope, crosses racial and cultural barriers and sheds new light on the relationships between victims and perpetrators, be they from governments and regimes, wars, sexual abuse or crime.

Particularly concerned with healing in contexts of abuse from incest to terrorism, Payne deals specifically with the traumatic legacies of apartheid, 9/11, the Holocaust, African slavery, physical and mental illness, and war. His many examples make abundantly clear the idea that any person or group that is excluded from our attention and consciousness (a baby who died, an abuser, Nazis—anyone whose memory causes us pain), is still a part of our world and of our actions. Other important themes include acknowledging and accepting what is, forgiveness of self and others, gratitude and authenticity. He offers his insights, experience, stories, instructions for creating one’s own family tree, and a meditation exercise to aid in the reader’s own healing.

Payne’s “Orders of Love” describe a natural pattern that has been observed in the practice of Family Constellations—namely, that there is a distinct order stating who belongs and who does not belong, not only in a family system, but also in larger groups such as nations. With its many examples and stories, Payne’s book brings back into belonging those who have been excluded and bridges the gap between the healing of an individual and the healing of family, ethnic and national souls. The examples he includes are so often moving and transforming in and of themselves, that healing may even occur as one reads his book.

Publisher’s Description: 

Sheds new light on the relationships between victims and perpetrators, bethey from governments andregimes, wars, sexual abuse or crime.

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