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Healing Into Life And Death

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Paperback Book
February, 1989
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One of the great modern dharma classics, Healing into Life and Death shares Stephen’s vision of healing acquired during years of working with those who cam to him to die, but found his techniques for finishing business and opening the heart capable of healing their bodies as well as their minds. In this book Levine eals directly with the choice and application of treatments, offering original techniques for working with pain and grief and the development of a merciful awareness as a means of healing, as well as how to encourage others to do the same. This is a compassionate, gentle, and essentially timeless guide for anyone seeking physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual healing.

Among the great many themes explored in this remarkable book are: touching pain with mercy instead of fear; becoming “a complete beginner;” confusion versus “don’t know;” examining that which resists life; going beyond the heart’s armoring; sending love into the once-abandoned; the practice of forgiveness as a means of healing; the touchpoint of grief as it becomes the touchpoint of the heart; letting go of credentials; giving healing every opportunity; “monkey mind” and the practice of mindfulness; exploring judgment nonjudgmentally;  exploring the grief of anger as a means of discovering the ocean of love; illness as a mirror for the heart; completing our birth and becoming wholly present, and much more.

Each morning, at whatever time she awoke, she would whisper into her pain, “Good morning, sweetie, how are you today?” She talked to it with loving kindness, recognizing the necessary balance that did not invite it to stay but no longer pushed it away. She greeted it as one would a colleague at the breakfast table. Not wishing her occasional pain to become a chronic difficulty, she did not make it the love of her life but instead allowed the love in her life to exclude nothing. She used her pain as a means of focusing compassion on the predicaments of the world. Sending forgiveness and mercy into the pains of the world, she felt that no pain in her body was unapproachable by love. And she let the pain of her body, of the world, float in her heart. Her exploring of this deep grief leading to an ongoing practice of service to all she met. In the years that followed, she no longer held so much to a philosophy of life as she made her life a statement. The compliment now most often extended to her is “Thank you for being.”


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In Healing Into Life AndDeath, Stephen Levine deals directly with the choiceand application of treatment, offering originaltechniques for working with pain and grief, anddiscusses the development of a merciful awareness as ameans of healing, as well as how to encourageothers to do the same.A vision of healing that deals with the choice and application of treatments, techniques for working with pain and grief, and the develoment of merciful awareness as a means of healing, Healing into Life and Death discusses Levine’s holistic approach to the healing of the mind, body, and soul.

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