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Healing Storytelling

The Art of Imagination and Storymaking for Personal Growth
Paperback Book
Hawthorn Press
May, 2020
$30.95 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 
The healing power of stories is a strong antidote to today's electronic screen world. Storytelling is an engaging, meaningful way of sharing our thoughts and feelings. As a path of self-development, storytelling awakens archetypal experiences, symbols and forces within for healing oneself and others. Nancy Mellon shows how to create a magical atmosphere for the telling of tales, how to use movement and direction within a story, how to set a storyscape, beginnings and endings, how to best use the rhythms of voice. Here are also the more subtle ingredients of storytelling including moods, the elements, seasons and the symbolism of magic words, objects and weapons which represent the external and archetypal forces in our world.

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