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Healthy Healings Detoxification

Paperback Book
Healthy Healing
September, 2008
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Banyen's Description: 

Maintaining wellness and healing illnesses that do occur is a challenge in today’s stressful world. But there is one proven method that always helps: detoxification. Naturopath Linda Page’s new encyclopedic guide gives detailed instructions for every kind of detox, from colon, kidney, and liver cleansing to weight loss and addiction. You’ll also learn why you need to detox more regularly, the benefits of a good cleanse, and how to do it safely.

Detoxification examines five primary healing approaches: Ayurvedic, Western European, Indigenous Rainforest, Native American, and Traditional Chinese. There is also a large section on “green cuisine” which includes food recipes for cleansing diets that will keep your body healthy long after you cleanse. The back of the book includes a materia medica for detoxification and a list of some of North America’s best detox centers.

A detox program aims to remove the cause of disease before it makes us ill. It’s a time-honored way to keep immune response high, elimination regular, circulation sound, and stress under control, so your body can handle the toxicity it encounters... Today, a regular detox program two or three times a year makes a big difference not only for health, but for the quality of our lives.

Among Linda Page’s other books are Healthy Healing and Cooking for Healthy Healing.

Publisher’s Description: 

More than 25,000 new toxins enter our environment each year. Detoxification is becoming a necessary commitment for health in the modern world. However, too many fad diets and detox products on the market today are overly harsh and create further health imbalances by depleting the body of essential nutrients. Clearly, Americans need safe detox options that restore the body to good health without these risks and side effects. In Healthy Healing's Detoxification, world renowned naturopath and best selling author Dr. Linda Page shares her hard won experience on detoxification and shows you how to cleanse safely and naturally for the best results. With over thirty years of experience in the health field, Dr. Page details critical information on how to cleanse the healthy way and the types of cleanses to avoid. She shows you what you can expect when you cleanse, what a good cleanse really does, and how to direct a cleanse to the body systems that need the most support. Includes step-by-step detox programs for health concerns like arthritis, allergies/asthma, candida, GERD, infertility, weight loss and much more! Get on the path to renewed health and vitality: Start your Healthy Healing detox today!

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