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Heart of the Coast

Biodiversity and Resilience on the Pacific Edge
Hardcover Book
Figure 1 Publishing
October, 2020
$37.99 CAD
Publisher’s Description: 

How do you dig up a 13,000 year-old footprint? Why do kelp forests need sea otters? How do you measure a shrinking glacier from an airplane? What is a zombie urchin'?

Heart of the Coas t brings these questions to life in a deep exploration of the beauty, mystery and biodiversity of the Pacific coast. Join Hakai Institute researchers in the field--archaeologists, oceanographers, marine biologists and beyond--as they journey from the ice fields of Klinaklini Glacier to the dazzling undersea reefs of a place called Crazy Town.

British Columbia's Central Coast is a rich landscape called "a biologist's dream" and "the Amazon of the north." Since launching its Calvert Island ecological observatory there in 2009, the Hakai Institute has become a renowned centre of science and exploration.

Collaborations with the Smithsonian Institution, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and several First Nations on the BC coast--along with a wide array of scientists hailing from other agencies and universities across North America--have uncovered new species, advanced our knowledge of marine food webs, and helped track the effects of climate change on watersheds and coastal ecosystems.

Stunning photography illuminates the institute's journey of discovery over the past decade. This unforgettable book will inspire you with wonder and awe for the natural world, but be careful--you may learn something along the way.

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