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Heart Open, Body Awake

Four Steps to Embodied Spirituality
Paperback Book
August, 2021
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Publisher’s Description: 

Master somatics teacher Susan Aposhyan reveals an anatomically, psychologically, and emotionally authentic path to embodied spirituality.

Heart Open, Body Awake offers practices to help you experience your body as a refuge and a source of spiritual nourishment. The human heart forms the essential link between body and spirit, and Embodiment Practice--the set of techniques developed by Aposhyan through her decades of teaching meditation, somatics, and psychotherapy--allows you to experience the continuity between your heart, your body, and the world in its immediacy. While modern meditative practices often focus on the mind and mental clarity, the holistic practices in this book focus on fully developing awareness of sensation, the language of the body.

Emphasizing the continuity between the individual and the totality of life, Aposhyan weaves together insights from a range of scientific, psychological, and spiritual traditions to present a practical path toward embodied spirituality. Structured through four parts--Heart of Humanity, Body of Life, Deepening and Blossoming, and The Path of Opening and Connecting--this book is rich with useful facts, anecdotes, and a variety of exercises. A range of beautiful anatomical illustrations helps readers to visualize the body systems, processes, and movements described in the book. Through Embodiment Practice, your sense of spiritual wellness can become as near and palpable as your sensitive, beating heart.

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