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Heart Steps

Prayers and Declarations for a Creative Life
Paperback Book
September, 1997
$12.00 CAD
Banyen's Description: 

Here’s some (I hesitate to say it) “chicken soup for the creative soul”: a gift-sized book in which Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, shares some beautiful prayers of empowerment, followed by potent declarations on the nature of creativity that extend beyond affirmations to facilitate a powerful awakening of the artistic child within and revitalize fading dreams. At the same time, it lends encouragement and “reminders to remember” that we all can tap into the creative spirit. The audiotape, read by Julia Cameron and well-known composer Tim Wheater, duplicates the book and is accompanied by Wheater’s healing music.

Heart Steps is a gem-like gift sure to ignite the creative spark, drawing readers inward toward the fire of their own creativity.

Publisher’s Description: 

The artist’s way began it all, offering life-changing concepts for developing creativity and facilitating personal growth. The vein of gold drew further from julia cameron’s remarkable fountain of knowledge and experience to help set readers on the parthto their creative hearts. Now, in heart steps, cameron gives us nourishment for the journey-transformative powers and declarations for overcoming roadblocks to creativity.

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