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Heaven and Hell

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Paperback Book
November, 2000
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This new, very readable translation of Swedenborg’s most popular work restores the original power, dignity, and imagery of one of history’s most comprehensive guides to the afterlife. Heaven and Hell describes a merciful God who permits humans to choose heaven or hell according to their desires and natures. After death, humans retain personal identity and live in communities of like-minded souls. The book’s descriptive chapter headings help readers find—for study, reference, or devotional reading—the lucid, abundant details of life in the spiritual world. Explanations of the symbolism of biblical passages clarify meaning. Contemporary Swedenborg scholars set the work in context and add explanatory annotations.

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This new translation of Emanuel Swedenborgs most popular work paints a detailed picture of life in the spiritual realm. Swedenborgs, a Swedish Enlightenment scientists of extraordinary accomplishment, underwent a spiritual crisis that led to an unparalleled series of paranormal experiences. He spent his last twenty-seven years in almost daily experience of heaven and hell, recording his observations and conversations, many which are reported in Heaven and Hell. This sustained and detailed description of the nonphysical realms has left its impress on the minds of many great thinkers, including Goethe, Blake, Coleridge, Emerson, Borges, and Milosz.

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