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The Hidden Heart Of The Cosmos

Humanity and the New Story
Paperback Book
June, 1999
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Brian Swimme, the cosmologist who also wrote The Universe is a Green Dragon and (with Thomas Berry) The Universe Story, is one of the clearest articulators of “the new story” developing in answer to the age-old question: What does it mean to be human, to live on planet Earth, in the universe as it is now understood? The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos takes us on a journey through the cosmos, opening up not only the exhilarating truths that science reveals of the birth of the universe, but how these truths can inform and transform our lives. Swimme’s writing carries us along beautifully as we follow the most recent scientific discoveries about the origins and nature of the universe. Chapters include “Cosmology and Ecstasy,” “The Large-Scale Structure of Space and Time,” “The Place Where the Universe Began,” and “A Multiplicity of Centers.”

The question I consider in this book is perhaps the most ancient of all. “Where did it all come from? Where is the center of reality? Where is the heart or source of the universe?”

 He shows how these new insights replace outmoded ways of seeing the world, bridging the chasm between science and spirituality. The cosmos appears as awesome and meaningful, its dynamics revelatory, and in this revelation can be found the wisdom humanity needs to face and overcome its present crises, particularly the soul-numbing consumerism that threatens to overwhelm not only individuals, families or societies, but the life-giving capacities of the Earth itself.

The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos helps us grasp the larger significance of the human enterprise in this evolving universe.

The center of the cosmos is each event in the cosmos. Each person lives in the center of the cosmos.... The primary challenge of this cosmological transformation of consciousness is the awareness that each being in the universe is an origin of the universe. “The center of the cosmos” refers to that place where the great birth of the universe happened at the beginning of time, but it also refers to the upwelling of the universe as river, as star, as raven, as you, the universe surging into existence anew.

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